Balenciaga Track Sneaker White - 

Product Code: 542023W1GB19059

Balenciaga Track Sneaker White

Productcode: 9101.1.447
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  • Balenciaga Track Sneaker White - Product Code: 542023W1GB19059

    • Free leather sneaker
    • Written size at the edge of the toe
    • Track embossed at the back of the heel
    • BB embossed on front of the outsole
    • Printed logo on the exterior
    • Embossed logo on the tongue
    • Double laces knotted in a usual equipment way
    • Back pull-on tab and tongue pull-on tab
    • Dynamic sole design with an augmented back to propel feet forward 
    • 50mm arch
    • Washed effect for a well-worn look
    • 1 additional pair of laces included
    • Made in China
    • Wipe with a soft cloth

    Material: 47% polyester, 40% polyurethane, 13% nylon